• 24-Hour Repairs – If your air conditioner quits working when it’s hot or your furnace fails when it’s freezing outside, that is an emergency. Call Control Group at (920) 434-8284 and a technician will be on their way to solve your problem, 24 hours a day.

• Heating (Furnace) Systems – If your furnace has seen better days and your utility bills are climbing due to an inefficient system, contact Control Group to replace your forced air or gas hot water heating systems. Two service trucks cover the territory so Control Group can maintain and service what they install. When your system is put in by Control Group, you can go worry free.

• Air Conditioning Systems – When your air conditioning unit conks out during the dog days of summer, Control Group can install a new Ameristar or Luxaire unit to keep you cool. Most HVAC systems should be maintained on a consistent basis to prevent large repair bills (see our Maintenance Programs) [link if on a separate page]. Control Group prides itself on maintaining and servicing what they install, so you can count on them to do it right.

• Ventilation Systems – Homes and offices often need to have air vented to the outside to provide a healthier work or living environment. The experts at Control Group are specialists when it comes to providing you with the best air quality available, so ask us about Broan or other ventilation solutions for heat and energy recovery.

• Maintenance Programs – Control Group recommends that you have a Fall tune-up for your forced air furnace or boiler system… before the heating season. This includes:
o a complete safety inspection on equipment
o cleaning and checking of all controls, wiring, filters, venting, and blower
o (Parts extra)

Before the cooling season arrives, Control Group suggests a Spring tune-up on your air conditioner. This includes:
o a complete safety inspection on indoor and outdoor sections
o cleaning and checking of all controls, wiring, filters, outdoor coils, and refrigerant levels
o (Parts extra)

Call (920) 434-8284 to schedule your maintenance.

• Humidity Control – Having the right humidity in your home or office affects the comfort level and your energy consumption. Control Group can test your humidity levels and install an Aprilaire whole home humidifier because the air in your home is drier than you think. Contact Control Group if you want to protect your family’s health, preserve your home and furnishings, and save money on your energy bills.

• New Construction – Planning on building a new home? A new office building or warehouse in the works? Control Group is your source for HVAC systems that can control the temperature and your heating and cooling costs. They carry several full lines of furnaces, boilers, air conditioning units, ventilation systems, and humidifiers for any environment. Let them help you build your home or office so you can eliminate any worries about controlling the temperature.